What is the shelf life of Jill’s Chocolates?

Many of Jill’s Chocolates can last up to several months. However, we do make truffles. Truffles tend to have a shelf life of a few weeks, so if you get a mixed box, it is best to eat the truffles within 2 weeks.

How should I store my chocolates?

Jill’s Chocolates are best enjoyed at room temperature. However, if you want them to sustain their freshness, it is best to store them in an airtight container in the fridge. Freezing is also an option, but again, the container must be well sealed. If you are taking chocolates out of the fridge or freezer, be aware that any extreme temperature change may cause condensation, and can jeopardize the appearance (not the taste) of your chocolates.

What does it mean when chocolate turns grey/white?

Chocolate can turn grey/white for a few different reasons. The most common is that it has been subjected to various temperature changes. If it becomes too warm and then cools, it may turn white. If it was too cold and then brought to room temperature, condensation may be the cause of white spots. If the chocolate is over six months old, it may get a dusty whiteness to it.

How do you get the image onto the chocolates, and is it edible?

The images that appear on the chocolates are made of coloured cocoa butters. They are silk screened images that are 100% edible.

Do you make Organic, Fair Trade?

At the moment Jill’s Chocolates is not producing such products but plans to in the near future. Keep checking back.

Do you make nut-free chocolate?

At the moment Jill’s Chocolates does not produce nut-free chocolates. We do not advise anyone with a nut allergy to ingest our chocolates. Please check with us in the future for changes regarding this concern.

Do you make gluten free or dairy free chocolates.

Yes and no. Many of Jill’s Chocolates are not made with dairy, however, some are. We use some gluten (for example cookie crumb for our cookies and cream medallions). Therefore, we are required by the CFIA to claim that all of our chocolates may contain traces of gluten and dairy.

Do you make sugar-free chocolates.

Yes, we offer sugar-free chocolates in dark only. The sweetener that is used is Maltitol. Chocolate doesn’t naturally have sugar. So this is straight up chocolate, sweetened with Maltitol rather than sugar. Hard to tell the difference.

Can I get all of one kind, or a specific order put together just for me?

In most cases we are able to honour special orders. Please contact us at jill@jillschocolates.com/wordpress to see if your request is attainable.

Is there some sort of information card that lets me know what kind of chocolate I am eating?

Yes. Jill’s Chocolates believes that one should always know what is inside each chocolate. Please view our chocolate map online and in our chocolate packages.

FAQ June 28, 2014