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Fall/Winter 2023/24 Wholesale Pricing

(Full detail product pictures will be displayed on the order page)

  Available for shipping June 1st          
Product Description Shelf life Unit price Suggested retail price Units per case Cost of case
Sea Salt Toffee Crunch Medallions solid milk chocolate with salted toffee bits (24 pieces) 1 year $7.70 $11.00 24 $184.80
12-piece Nova Scotia assorted solids and caramels – variety of 10 (12 pieces) 3 months** $13.30 $19.00 12 $159.60
Sea Sponge Candy sponge toffee in milk chocolate (approx 10 pieces) 1 year* $10.50 $15.00 12 $126.00
Sea Salt Caramels /music caramels chewy salted caramel dipped in dark chocolate (5 pieces) 3 months $7.70 $11.00 18 $138.60
Glen Breton Caramels liquid caramel flavoured with GB, dark chocolate (5 pieces) 6 months $8.40 $12.00 24 $201.60
Dark Seasalt Medallions solid dark chocolate with salt (24 pieces) 1 year $7.70 $11.00 24 $198.00
NS Mixed Medallions milk toffee, dark toffee, dark sea salt (18 pieces,foiled, 2 medallions in one,
colour coded, 6 of each flavour)
1 year $13.30 $19.00 12 $159.60
Dark Salt Toffee Crunch Medallions solid dark chocolate with salted toffee bits (24 pieces) 1 year $7.70 $11.00 24 $198.00
Crispie Medallions solid milk chocolate with rice crispies (24 pieces) 1 year $7.70 $11.00 12 $92.40
Toasted Coconut Cups solid milk chocolate with toasted coconut (24 pieces) 1 year $7.70 $11.00 12 $92.40
Dark Medallions solid dark chocolate (24 pieces) 1 year $7.70 $11.00 12 $92.40
Milk Medallions solid milk chocolate (24 pieces) 1 year $7.70 $11.00 12 $92.40
Orange Dark Medallions solid dark chocolate infused with orange (24 pieces) 6 months $7.70 $11.00 12 $92.40
Raspberry Dark Medallions solid dark chocolate infused with raspberry (24 pieces) 1 year $7.70 $11.00 12 $92.40
Coffee Dark Medallions solid dark chocolate infused with coffee (24 pieces) 1 year $7.70 $11.00 12 $92.40
Mint Dark Medallions solid dark chocolate infused with mint (24 pieces) 6 months $7.70 $11.00 12 $92.40
Liquid Sea Salt Caramels soft salted caramel dipped in dark chocolate (8 pieces) 6 months $10.50 $15.00 8 $84.00
  * Sponge Toffee is highly susceptible to heat. The product will
melt/collapse on the inside if it the environment is too warm, humid
  ** caramels in the collection have a 3 month shelf life, solids have 6 months          

Shipping rate/schedule

We will be using MBW shipping as they are able to come to Iona for pickup twice a week. 

Their cost is approximately $70 a shipment anywhere in Nova Scotia.

We will split this shipping cost with you for a flat rate of $35 a shipment.

A minimum order of $250 is required for all shipments.

Please allow a window of 7-10 business days for your order to be shipped.  

(Ideally these products will be ready to ship as orders come in but as this is a new venture we are unsure of the demand)

Product environment & display

Chocolate has several requirements in order for the shelf life to be maintained as listed above.

For one, it needs a room temperature environment of approx 20C.   

If your environment is too warm, the chocolate can be compromised (this will give a grey/white color to the chocolate).  

This phenomenon has nothing to do with shelf life.  However, once affected by it, the shelf life rules no longer apply.

One very warm day followed by one cool evening can change the finished product (even if it just arrived in your shop the day prior.)

You will have a difficult time selling products that are affected by this as all of a sudden they will look old and their quality is diminished.  

If you think your environment is too warm, then I recommend that you do not attempt selling our chocolates in your shop.  

It’s our name and quality at stake.

In our shop we have a controlled environment for storage of our chocolate and have run shelf life tests for years.   It is cool, dark and protected from smells, temperature changes, and humidity. 

The chocolates can be compromised by:

~ direct sunlight (even through a window for 5 minutes)

~ temperature changes (they like a consistent 20C)

~ consistent scents such as from candles and perfume (the products will take on the taste/smell)

~ being kept in a fridge (especially in summer.) This can cause condensation droplets to form on the chocolate.  

Water on chocolate will change the appearance of the chocolate and compromise the taste and texture.

We keep samples of each batch in house for routine quality checks during the run of its shelf life.  

Approval of application

So you think you’d like to be a retailer?  Send an email to the link below and let’s start the discussion.

We are a small business.   

We are fairly efficient after 18 years, but we do have our limitations.

Therefore, we may not accept all applications.

As well, we would not want to saturate a location/market.

( retail environments & locations may also factor in)



Production Kitchen
4115 HWY 223
Iona, NS
B2C 1A3

In the News

(Originally published October 5th on the CTV Atlantic website)
A Cape Breton entrepreneur never imagined her sweet treats would bring her closer to the late Tom Petty. It was at a Petty concert in Halifax in May 2012 when chocolatier Jill Franklin made sure the first-ever batch of her new sea salt caramel chocolates made their way backstage. A Cape Bretoner, Tom Petty, and their connection through a box of chocolates

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Attention: Excessive use of chocolate can lead to hysterical bouts of euphoria, and uncontrollable finger licking. Use caution whilst indulging in said chocolate. Also, this...
In a 9-year Swedish study of more than 31,000 women, those who ate one or two servings of dark chocolate each week cut their risk for heart failure by as much as a third.
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